Supermarket price holder displays

Supermarket Price Holders

Due to the ease of Posterfix, supermarkets all over the world are choosing to adopt the system for pricing and promotional displays. No other system is so versitile and with integrated branding and the ability to mount it to any flat surface.

  • Point of Sale Promotions
  • Notice Boards
  • Price Holders
  • Information Points
  • Aerial / Retail Signs
Show room display stands

Show Room / Manufacturing Sector

Not only do show rooms need to present in a professional way, they also need to provide customers with the right information in the right place. Posterfix allows you to do all this with ease as they can be integrated seamlessly into existing branding and placed on windows or walls, custom display stands or even on the product itself!

  • Custom Made Display Stands
  • Integrated Professional Branding
  • Window or Wall Mounted
  • Price / Specification Displays
  • Display Frames
  • Aerial Signs
Highstreet shop windows

Estate Agents / Travel Agencies

Shop windows are a valuable commodity for highstreet businesses; advertising great products or services without having to lure customers inside. In this dynamic and ever changing landscape, Posterfix really comes into its own. With integrated branding it allows you to change displays or relocate your displays in a matter of seconds, truly making the most of your windows.

  • Shop Window Offers / Promotions
  • Signs from A0 to A5
  • Easy to relocate
  • Poster Holders
  • Integrated Branding
Shop window graphic double sided poster holders

Shop Windows

Promotional offers can speak loudly from your shop windows. They really let your customers know you have the latest and the greatest deals instore. With sizes up to 1.5 x 2 metres, Posterfix lets you get your message out to the world whilst also creating a great promotional space inside your shop for other offers or information. Integrated branding and eassy to relocate they also allow you to create changable displays which are highly professional and practical for everyday use.

  • Promotional Advertisements / Graphics
  • Poster sizes from A0 to A5
  • Landscape / Portrait
  • Double Sided Branding
  • Non-glare Material
Promotional retail poster displays

Promotional Advertising

In a retail environments walls provide a great opportunity for both you and your customers. Posterfix allows you to create eye catching, changable displays which can be adapted at a moments notice. Display documents or promotional graphics up to 1.5 x 2 metres in size. Integrated branding maintains a professional image without detracting from the poster.

  • Mount on any flat surface
  • Movable poster frames from A5 to A0
  • Landscape / Portrait
  • Magnetic closing mechanism
  • Easy to change graphics
  • Branded with any full colour logo
Reception notice holders, A4 landscape or portrait

Receptions and Notice Holders

Posterfix provides a great way to display customer notices, information signs or gerenal warnings. The integrated branding adds an official, professional feel to any notice and with the unique Posterfix opening mechanism, documents can be changed quickly and easily. A4 landscape or portrait sign holders are a practical size for most documents.

  • Mount to a Display Stand
  • A5 and A4 Landscape / Portrait
  • Official Full Colour Branding
  • Wall or window mounted
  • Notice holders
  • Document holder system
  • Aerial Signs