Forget thumb tacks, adheisive tapes or staples

Throw away your sticky tape

Don't you just hate that there is no sensible way to post notices or documents on your walls, without making a complete mess? Well the clever people at Posterfix came to rescue when they developed Posterfix® - the neatest way to display documents, posters or notices on windows or walls without using tape, staples, drawing pins or any other hideous method involving mess.

Introducing Posterfix

Posterfix® to the rescue

Look at how cool this guy is. He's like the Mac to my PC and he's got himself a Posterfix. It's going to make displaying his A4 documents so professional he'll be after a bigger desk. (Note: Posterfix does not actually glow or help you to get a promotion, sorry)

Self adheisive sign holders

Peel it and stick it

Mounting Posterfix is as easy as peeling off the backing strip and sticking it to a flat, clean surface. Posterfix can be relocated whenever you like by simply peeling it off and mounting it somewhere else. It doesn't damage your walls or leave a sticky mess behind.

Wall mounted sign holders

Magnetic retention technology

Unique to Posterfix®, the ease and speed at which documents can be changed is staggeringly brilliant. Have a go with our working demo at the top of the page (you'll need a decent browser like Chrome or Firefox). You can even spin it round to see what it looks like on glass!

ta-da, Posterfix is really professional and practical

Mr Mac presents his Posterfix

How happy it he? Smiling so hard his eyes are closed. (Note: Again, Posterfix really doesn't glow. Maybe it's just a cartoon-world-thing.)